Sunday, January 31, 2010



I am currently a Sophomore at some public university studying Communications. I don't want to disclose where, as the nature of the internet can be quite sketchy sometimes. I have always had an insatiable inclination toward makeup and the beauty industry in general. I love everything about makeup and I am always on the lookout for the newest and most awesome product. Now, of course, I am a wee little college kid with not a penny to my name. Literally! I'm broke. So I may not know what the best and most expensive products are but I do what works best for me. And I have a minimum wage job and of course all the money goes towards makeup. LOL!
I hope to provide the World Wide Web with my insights and opinions on the fascinating world that is makeup. And I know for a fact, everyone wants to feel pretty! So what can I do to help?


I will keep you posted

-Beauty Obsessed

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