Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cream Perfume

I am so ready for this winter to be over, like seriously...
Where I go to college seems to be frigid cold all the time. I honestly just want to stay in bed and curl up in my comforter. Just the thought of waking up is torture, so the actual walk to class leaves me muttering curse words under my breath with every step.
I think it's impossible to look cute when it's deathly cold out. I mean, I can work with 32 degrees even, but when it dips into the 20s, that is asking too much. So I walk around looking like a burnt Marshmallow with my puffy down black jacket.
Shizz may not be the cutest thing I own. But it is definitely warm!
All in all, I just can't wait to look cute again!

On a brighter note, today I got my my highly anticipated cream perfumes from the Cream Perfume Company. I like the idea behind what the company is trying to do. The perfumes are certified 100% organic and come in these cute lil wooden containers that look like acorns. They can actually be stored in wood unlike the regular perfumes that are in glass. If you really think about it though, regular perfumes have so much alcohol in them there is really no other option BUT to store them in glass.

The containers themselves are kind of small (.35 oz) but at the price of $12-$14 each I think they are worth it and will last a while given their solid nature. The title cream perfume is kind of a misnomer because it's pretty solid and not really creamy, but because of this I think that it will last a while, like I said.

I got two fragrances: Mango Poudre and Mimosa Bouquet

Mango Poudre: I like this one most out of the two. It smells pretty sweet but not unbearably sweet. The main scent that I can pick up is Mango, DURRR lol. I'm not too keen on scents. There's definitely other things going on in there. I just don't really know. But the main gist is that it smell like ripe mango and if that's yo thang, then go for it!
Smells like there's a hint of wood? Maybe that's just the packaging...

Website description:

"Truly seductive scents of mango and cassis balanced with timeless jasmin and candy sugar accord. A tropical favorite with sandalwood, musk and vanilla."

Mimosa Bouquet: Now normally I like florals and I know this is a floral because it says Bouquet in the title. Heck if I know what a mimosa is. This one I'm on the fence about. It smells almost soapy. It kinda reminds me of a really old dusty wooden box I found in the attic that was filled with incense. I know, quite the metaphor. Now this might sound negative, but really it has character and a certain quality about it that makes me still want to wear it. Also, it fades beautifully. I like its faded smell more than the Mango actually. The smell actually takes me back to some time in my childhood that I can't quite recall. Maybe if I sniff it enough, I'll go on some Cream Perfume induced trip that will take me there lol.

Website description:

"A fresh blend of orange blossom and green notes open this very popular floral. Heart notes of mimosa, gardenia, carnation and rose of turkey follow, culminating in a fusion of vanilla madagaskar and musk."

Conclusion being, go green and save the planet one Cream Perfume at a time! JK, I can see a good amount of people not liking this, but it's a nice idea. Personally, I like it.

The website is Kaponga.com and they have free shipping. Mine came so quickly, I was impressed. Check out the other fragrances too! They have a pretty good selection.

-Beauty Obsessed

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